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October 21st, 2010


Google Analytics Hacks

SEOmoz has posted a great list of a few things to do with Google Analytics in order to get more out of the tool. Some of the tips are basic and some are advanced, but all help you to better understand what’s happening with your site and the visitors to it. And that’s very important to your digital marketing efforts.
Topics covered include:

Use regular expressions for fine-tuning your traffic analysis
Make sure your analytics code is installed correctly
Segment your funnels
Track SEO variables
Track form abandonment

Read the full article here: http://www.seomoz.org/blog/5-quick-google-analytics-hacks Read More

February 26th, 2010


META Keywords Are a Thing of the Past

Don’t worry about filling out your page’s META keywords tag unless you’re running local search or a search appliance that takes advantage of them. The major search engines, like Google,  ignore that tag these days. Focus on your content! Read More

February 10th, 2009


The Creation of The Sausage Factory Seminar Series

We’ve create a practical how-to seminar series on a variety of marketing topics because we’ve seen first hand the need for a “preventative medicine” type of approach when it comes to effective marketing techniques being used today.