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February 17th, 2011


Funeral Facebook

Earlier this week I had my first exposure to “funeral Facebook”. A relative passed away and we were sent a link to the funeral home web site where she was being featured. The link took me directly to her page replete with a picture of the deceased, her obituary, a viewing and services schedule as well as a Facebook-type section that enabled visitors to post messages about her to her loved ones. Not surprising when you consider how invasive social media has become in our lives. Read More

May 17th, 2010


Charity: Water and Giving in the Internet Age

At this past weekend’s Big Omaha conference, Scott Harrison gave a presentation about his background and how that led him to run Charity: water. The entire room was still. Silent. And I’m pretty sure we were all thinking the same thing: Wow. What I’m doing in the world really doesn’t matter much when you get right down to it.

March 15th, 2010


Smartphone Battle Royale

Looks like the gloves are off in the smartphone battle. Apple is currently the undisputed leader. They reinvented the phone and we all know it. They set the bar very high, and everyone else is trying to catch up. Think of what your standard cell phone looked like before the iPhone and what all the latest ones look like now. An amazing evolution in a very short period of time, spurred in large because of Apple’s innovation. It’s going to be very interesting over the next several months, because Google appears to be a great contender for knocking the iPhone off its throne.

March 11th, 2010


Sucker Birthrate Increasing Steadily

Good ol’ P.T. Barnam. He famously said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Oh how often I see that to be true. Then just when I’m getting a little bit of hope – the next thing hits. Love it or hate it, the Internet has been making suckers of more and more people for a good long time now. The latest incarnation for me has just appeared in a recent “Page Invitation” on Facebook.