tag: package design

March 8th, 2009


Make your Life Funny and Interesting

I have nothing really amazing or brilliant to say about these products. The design speaks for itself. The fact that we all might be frustrated at the current situation of our world was reason enough for me to pass on these nuggets of love. Enter the room: Zuny! If a product was ever designed to feel like it was giving you instant smiles and hugs, this is the one.

“Zuny” – a simple, Read More

February 6th, 2009


Pour Me a Drink

Not only is this packaging super-sweet, but the cocktail is pre-mixed. (which is a big plus in this busy world we live in.) So I will do the designer-nerd thing and have it displayed on my shelf or use it as a candle holder for the art studio after it is emptied. What a refreshing take on alcohol packaging. It reminds me more of something West Elm would design if they ever moved away from designing furniture.

January 4th, 2009


Brand UPdate…or Brand DOWNgrade? You decide.

As we were sitting over Sunday morning coffee and checking out the latest and greatest deals, we ran across a coupon for Tropicana Orange juice.
Instead of the cool twist on a classic packaging with the image of red striped straw in the orange, the brand had done a major belly flop by “genericizing” it’s brand into something that you would see on the Kmart shelves circa 1990.  I liked the old packaging. It worked. (I mean, Read More