Getting to The Whys That Drive Results

Great brands and great ideas come from a rock-solid strategy born from research, planning, expertise and insight. Each of these efforts helps us get closer and closer to the whys that shape an effective marketing strategy. “Why are consumers behaving a certain way?” “Why are buyers shopping here and not there?” “Why is there more opportunity in a certain market?” “What are my competitors doing that I’m not?” The better we can understand the whys, the more relevant our creative solutions will be. Every actionable insight we discover helps shape which tactics and approaches we use for each discipline. And, together, they all play a huge role in meeting your business objectives and impacting your bottom line.

Integration Across All Departments

As a full-service advertising and marketing agency that was founded in 1921, we have the big brand experience with the heart of a start-up. We’re knowledgeable in our industry, yet flexible in our execution. And though we offer a full breadth of services to our clients, we consider ourselves a swiss army knife. We can adapt in real-time and support you with the specific services you need. Every solution we create is customized to fit a client’s needs. But rest assured that, behind every marketing plan we produce, we’ve got strategic guardrails in place to make sure we execute on time, on budget and always with results in mind. Whatever you need, each of our departments will work together to provide you with:

  • Consumer Insights

Are you wondering how we get to the whys? The answer is our proven Smartargeting® process where we gather information about your target audience – both qualitative and quantitative. From there, we scour mounds of data for the true nuggets of insight that will make the greatest impact on your marketing efforts.

  • Creative Solutions

From logos to content to custom websites, our Creative, Content and Digital departments can combine forces to create a look, messaging and a user experience that communicates your brand clearly and effectively – all to position you as a thought leader in your industry, increase sales and generate brand loyalty.

  • Omni-channel Marketing Communications

Creative solutions are nothing if you’re not getting your message in front of your current and potential customers. That’s why our Public Relations, Social and Paid Media departments collaborate with one another to ensure every tactic and media buy is working together and that you’re getting the most effective communication plan possible.

Key Deliverables

When it comes to our strategic capabilities, we can provide expert knowledge and service in all of the following areas:

Strategic Planning

We create an airtight strategy that covers your long- and short-term goals and gets you the best ROI.

Our job is to help you grow. Plain and simple. And as a strategic partner, we’re able to prioritize and reprioritize in order to see the best return on investment over time. Our process starts with determining your business objectives, auditing existing or current marketing activities, and doing a full competitive review. Then we build a strategic marketing plan that meets your needs. From there, we follow through. We don’t just provide you with brand positioning; we give you the plan that you can roll out. We show you how to use your brand. And, because we do everything in-house, it’s all one, smooth streamlined process, making it easier and more efficient for you.

Rebranding & Repositioning

Staying true to the personality and unique value propositions of your brand, we’ll help you adapt as the market changes.

The way people communicate and how they make purchasing decisions continues to change almost daily. So, it’s important your brand grow and adapt to the new ways. As advertisers, we’re constantly staying on top of the latest best practices. And from logos to UX design to full PR and social campaigns, we have the experience and know-how to provide effective solutions for your brand.

Brand Research & Positioning

We entrench ourselves in your current brand position, target audience, competitive landscape and market trends in order to build your brand blueprint.

How do you identify as a brand? What differentiates your products and services in the marketplace? Both of these questions play a huge role in your market position. With the key insights we can uncover regarding both your brand and your target audience, we can create a positioning strategy for your brand that far exceeds your competitors. We can help put you in front of potential customers and generate brand loyalty with your current customers.

Whether you need us to position your current brand or help you with rebranding, we utilize our Branding From The Inside Out strategy to determine the best marketing approach. The three primary phases include:

  • Phase 1: Discovery

This phase is all about discovering key insights – both internally and externally – and figuring out how it should all fit together for a complete and rich story with the right brand positioning to break through the clutter in the marketplace. To do this, we utilize our Smartargeting® process, which allows us to go beyond what we see on the surface and dig deep for special and unique advantages that will help us shape an effective marketing plan for your brand. The insights we uncover come from a combined use of:

  • Qualitative Research
  • Quantitative Research
  • Focus Groups
  • Surveys
  • User Testing
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Market Trend Analysis
  • Sales Figures Analysis
  • Account Planning
  • Phase 2: Assessment

From the insights, we develop brand concept statements and possible brand positions. Then we put them to the test, both inside the company and in the marketplace. After the testing, the brand statement is finalized and fleshed out appropriately for each audience.

  • Phase 3: Re-orientation

Companywide buy-in is essential for success, so this phase helps all involved understand and internalize the brand, as well as discover their own roles. From the initial “sell-in/buy-in” process to a plan for how to sustain momentum over time, this phase is critical to the overall success of your rebranding efforts.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Starting with your business objectives, and armed with actionable insights, we’ll determine and create the most integrated and engaging communication.

Communication plans and activation (or reactivation) strategies are only effective if they work collectively across all channels. With your needs and goals as our compass, as well as the key insights we’ve discovered for your brand, we determine approaches to paid, owned, earned and shared media that all work together seamlessly. And we offer full transparency in terms of scope of work. All of this together is how we ensure your dollars are being used efficiently and that you’re getting a campaign that will truly meet your business objectives.


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