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Helping You Tell Your Story

When you think “PR,” you might simply think press releases and press conferences. But we assure you, that’s merely one small part of what we do. As public relations specialists in today’s PR world, it’s all about identifying and telling your story. It’s about getting the right story in front of the right audience at the right time. That’s what builds awareness. That’s what creates long-term relationships with your audience. And that’s what we do for our clients over and over again.

Creating Earned Media That’s Truly Earned

Whether you’re looking to influence public opinion, build brand awareness, drive audience participation, reach potential customers and sales prospects, or position yourself as a thought leader, PR can help. An effective earned media strategy boosts your credibility and authenticity with implied third-party endorsements from impartial sources. We work in collaboration with our Social, Paid Media and Creative departments in order to deliver on those strategies, and we create a holistic communications plan that is as effective as possible. And though every solution we provide our clients is customized – whether it’s for B2C, B2B, third-party media outlets or your employees – there are a few areas in which we’re particularly skilled:

  • Pitching

From small-town media to internationally recognized publications, we know what types of stories reporters are interested in. More importantly, we know how to get reporters to share them. It all starts with us taking the time to target specific people in the media. We shape the story, build relationships, and make the calls. And we always follow up to ensure your story doesn’t get overlooked.

  • Media Kits

Every great story needs assets that will help it get picked up. When we pitch a story for you, we also deliver a media kit that stands out in a busy newsroom and helps reporters quickly and appropriately share the whole story. And we package everything together so it’s not hard for reporters to say yes.

  • Crisis Management & Media Coaching

We have the know-how to prepare you for any challenge you’re facing – be it proactive or reactive. With our experience and proven best practices at the forefront, we’ll arm you with a strategic approach that will communicate your values and keep your messaging consistent.

Key Deliverables

With the data we gather, and the valuable insights we reveal, we are able to provide you with:

  • Media Relations
  • Press Releases
  • Pitching Stories
  • Ghostwriting
  • Op-eds
  • Media Kits
  • Media Training and Coaching
  • Media Counseling
  • Crisis Communications
  • Integrated Communications Plans (earned, paid, social, etc.)
  • Employee and Community Engagement
  • Media Coverage Monitoring and Reporting

Our PR Process

Understand Your Objectives

The first thing we do is listen. You share your past experiences and challenges, and we ask questions so we can thoroughly understand your goals. Then we dive into the research. We learn all we can about your business or organization, and we immerse ourselves in information related to the issues you’re facing, including an audit of current and past media coverage and tapping into our existing relationships with media outlets.

Identify Your Audience

Your audience is the foundational element of any strategy we put together. We learn who they are and who or what influences their opinions and actions. Sometimes that means identifying the right media outlet and the most fitting reporter. It could also involve finding community influencers or someone within your company who is well-respected and influential.

Build Your Story

Now that we know who we’re talking to and where they are, it’s time to do what we do best – build the story and the strategy that goes along with it. We create both by working closely with you to ensure that the plans align with your vision. And unlike a siloed public relations firm, we have the ability to tap into our media and social teams to identify additional opportunities, making sure your earned media is working together with your paid, owned and shared media to amplify results.

Execute the Strategy

Finally, we get to the best part: making it all happen. We execute the PR plan in a timely manner with persistence as our motto. We’re also constantly taking in the news of the day and any insights on public opinion – meaning we’re ready to pivot at a moment’s notice if it will better help you achieve your goals. And in times of crisis, we can act as an extension of your team or handle the complete process so you can focus on other key business needs.

Public Relations Success Stories

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