Paid Media

Connecting Your Brand to Consumers

Simply put, our job is to help you meet or exceed your business objectives. Whether you’re looking for more foot traffic in your store, or to drive higher awareness and brand recall, or to increase online sales or social engagement, the overarching challenge still remains the same: How do you get your message in front of your current and potential customers? That’s where our connections and media-buying know-how come in.

What Makes Our Media Approach Better?

How people gather their daily content is extremely fragmented, which leads to a variety of placement opportunities for you. If your consumer listens to podcasts in the morning, snacks on social throughout the day and watches Connected TV at night, then that’s where your message needs to be. At Bozell, we center our recommendations on the consumer. And while some agencies specialize in search or digital or out-of-home, we specialize in omni-channel marketing. That means we tailor each message to the specific channel and create a holistic campaign that mirrors your customers’ habits, incorporating paid media, earned media, owned media and shared media. It also means you get:

  • Expert Perspective

We’re aware of more opportunities, because we’ve placed more. We know what kinds of partnerships are available to you and we’re skilled in helping you find the right media to meet your target market.

  • A More Efficient Way

We’ve been refining our negotiating skills for years now. We have a knack for turning one dollar into two and two into four. And because we buy media for a number of clients, we’re able to negotiate better prices and create the most efficient buy possible.

  • Better Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

More than a media agency, we are a full-service advertising firm. We communicate across all departments – Public Relations, Social, Creative, Digital – to create an omni-channel marketing campaign that generates serious results.

Key Deliverables

Our team can do everything from media buying to media monitoring to finding unique and new opportunities for your brand. That includes negotiating the best prices on:

  • National/Local Broadcast and Cable TV
  • National/Local Radio
  • Programmatic Audio (Streaming or Podcasts, like Pandora, SoundCloud, etc.)
  • Connected TV (Digital television)
  • B2B and B2C Trade Publications
  • Outdoor
  • Display Advertising
  • Rich Media Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.)
  • Search Advertising / Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Sponsorships and Partnerships
  • Non-traditional/Guerilla
  • Paid Influencers

Our Media Buying Process


We kick off everything by identifying your business goals. Then we identify your target audience using our Smartargeting® consumer insight system, secondary research and our industry insights.


Here’s where we create a smart and sound media plan. This is based on where your target audience is and what kind of media they’re seeing.

Negotiate & Buy

Next, it’s time to negotiate the buy. Here’s where we use our knowledge, experience and connections to get you the most reach and/or frequency for the least amount of money.

Optimize & Report

After the buy has been placed, we are constantly optimizing and figuring out what “sweet spots” will get you the most out of your ad spend. And we provide media reporting in order to analyze successes and identify room for growth.

Our Media Buying Success Stories

First National Bank of Omaha Unforgettable Firsts Girl and Dad Looking at the Stars

First National Bank of Omaha – Unforgettable Firsts

529 College Savings Plans Young Child in Garage Working on Motorcycle

529 College Savings Plans – For Their Future

Classic Man Holding Sue Bee Honey

Sioux Honey Co-op – Find Your Honey

Free Ad Day Stamp on Paper

Bozell – Free Ad Day

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2215 Harney Street
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Phone: 402-965-4300

Email: info@bozell.com