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October 17th, 2012


Location Based Marketing for Local Businesses

In a recent issue of our Thinking publication I wrote an article about location based marketing. This post provides further information on that subject.  When I’m traveling and I want to find a good restaurant nearby, I turn to Yelp. The other day I was out shopping and checked in on Foursquare and discovered a special offer from retailer down the street that drew me into that store for the first time. Our smartphones are always with us. Read More

December 4th, 2008


Short Codes Create Short Cuts for Fans

Because of the way the NCAA College World Series is set up as a double elimination, the event is fairly fluid and many fans come into Omaha without tickets hoping to get them on site.  As teams are eliminated, tickets are turned in and then available for sale.  Further, out-of-town fans are not familiar with Omaha and don’t know where to turn for information.  To make the event as simple as possible for fans to attend, Read More