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May 18th, 2015

B2B Companies: Did you Overlook a Lead Today?

Just a few months ago, we posed this question in our blog: “Should Business-to-Business Marketers Use Social Media?”.
Just as it was then, the answer now is “yes”, and a newly published B2B Social Media Report, adds further depth to the affirmative.  Brandwatch, a social media monitoring and analytics firm, just released a study exhibiting that B2B companies miss more than 70,000 sales opportunities every year.
This is from a survey of 200 of the top B2B companies in the US and the UK that also determined that nearly 25% of leading B2B brands do not have a social media account of any type. Read More

June 8th, 2010


Are You in the Know? Changing Media Landscape.

Staying atop the rapidly changing media environment within the advertising industry is critical for agency business.
 Outsell, which provides research and advisory services to the publishing and information industries, surveyed more than 1,000 US advertisers in December 2009 for its annual “Marketing and Advertising Study 2010.”

Companies will spend 119.6 billion dollars on online and digital strategies and 111.5 billion dollars on newspaper and magazine advertisements and other print campaigns
US spending on advertising and marketing projected to increase by 1.2 percent in 2010 to 368 billion dollars
Spending on newspaper advertising expected to drop 8.2 percent to 27 billion dollars
Print media, Read More