Are You in the Know? Changing Media Landscape.

June 8th, 2010

Staying atop the rapidly changing media environment within the advertising industry is critical for agency business.

 Outsell, which provides research and advisory services to the publishing and information industries, surveyed more than 1,000 US advertisers in December 2009 for its annual “Marketing and Advertising Study 2010.”

  • Companies will spend 119.6 billion dollars on online and digital strategies and 111.5 billion dollars on newspaper and magazine advertisements and other print campaigns
  • US spending on advertising and marketing projected to increase by 1.2 percent in 2010 to 368 billion dollars
  • Spending on newspaper advertising expected to drop 8.2 percent to 27 billion dollars
  • Print media, on the whole, continued to lag the overall ad market. Consumer Magazine spending fell 3.9% from a year ago while Local Newspapers dropped 5.6%. There was improvement in some narrow segments as Sunday Magazine expenditures jumped 13.7% and National Newspapers increased 9.1%, primarily from gains at the Wall Street Journal.
  • Spending on print directories would fall 8.3 percent to 11.6 billion dollars
  • Spending on print newsletters would be flat at 11.4 billion dollars
  • Spending on direct mail marketing campaigns could rise 2.7 percent to 24.4 billion dollars and spending on custom print publications would be 3.0 percent higher at 19.3 billion dollars
  • Spending on television advertising was forecast to drop 6.5 percent to 59.6 billion dollars
    • In Q1 2010, Spot TV surged 22.0% on a torrent of additional money from the automotive, retail, financial service and political categories. Despite this growth, current spending volume in Spot TV has only recovered to a level last seen in 1997.
    • Other television media types also performed strongly in Q1 2010. Network TV expenditures finished the period up 11.6%. Cable TV (+8.2%), and Spanish Language TV (+7.2%) each benefitted from selling more ad time and strengthened demand among across a broad range of package goods and retail advertisers.
  • National Spot Radio advanced 19.0% and was paced by higher spending from the telecom, financial service and auto categories. Local Radio and Network Radio were also up.
  • Methods generating the highest B2B ROI are topped by advertisers’ own websites, followed by conferences, exhibitions and trade shows; direct mail; search engine keywords; and e-marketing/e-newsletters.
  • B2B advertisers see cross-media marketing as most effective; 78% combine three or more major marketing methods.
  • 51 percent of B2B marketers rate Facebook as extremely or somewhat effective, followed by LinkedIn (45 percent), Twitter (35 percent) and MySpace (25 percent).