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February 8th, 2009


Using Imagery to Blast Stereotypes and Celebrate the Strength of Women

Back in 2006, large scale, startling posters appeared on the walls and street corners of Paris. They showed faces – mostly black faces – contorted into outlandish grimaces, with teeth bared, nostrils flared, eyes crossed. The photos were the work of a Paris street artist who wanted people to confront stereotypes. His giant photos asked passers-by an in-your-face question: “When you see a kid from the housing projects, do you see a bogeyman?”

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January 22nd, 2009


Even Deeper Into the Photo-Matrix

Advancements in technology are typically gradual and something you can look back on and see how we’ve made great progress over a number of years. It’s recognizing those leaps and lurches forward in technology that is a LOT harder to do. I think I may have found something to consider for the “leap forward” category.