Helping You Identify Your Target Audiences

Smartargeting is what we call our strategic process for both identifying and understanding your target market. We look at data, behaviors and insights to determine the who, what, where, when and, most importantly, the why of your current buyers and your best prospects. All of these insights lead to better creative execution, better media plans, and better marketing strategy overall.

How Can Smartargeting Help You?

Are you struggling to generate new leads? Do you need help prioritizing and maximizing your budget? The more you know about your audience, the more wisely you’ll be able to use your dollars. And we all know what that means: an increase in ROI. But identifying consumer insights and customer insights is not a simple process. There are many methods we use to make Smartargeting so effective. And each one helps you get closer and closer to knowing your audience and meeting your business goals. Those methods include:

  • Pinpointing True Insights

Data might appear as fact, but it’s not always the truth. Many emotions affect the way a person will answer a question. What they say isn’t necessarily how they feel. Luckily, we’ve mastered the art of asking the right questions.

  • Emotional Trigger Research

Emotional trigger research is one way we get to the why behind what your customers are saying and doing. This valuable, qualitative information can be what ends up making or breaking any great campaign.

  • Creating Buyer Personas

At its core, Smartargeting® is a strategic guardrail for determining buyer personas for your business. With the data and insights we identify, we are able to put together customer journey mapping that helps us get your message to the right audience, in the right place, at the right time.

Key Deliverables

With the data we gather, and the valuable insights we reveal, we are able to provide you with:

  • Strategy Consulting
  • Program Measurement and Reporting
  • Direct Mail Targeting and Analysis
  • List Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Statistical Modeling and Mapping
  • Acquisition Programs
  • Database Design
  • Warehousing
  • Loyalty Research and Programs
  • Direct Response Marketing
  • CRM Analysis
  • B2B and B2C Marketing

Our Smartargeting Process

Determine the Who

It all kicks off with identifying who your target audience is and collecting data surrounding that audience.

Determine the What

Next, we identify what exactly is shaping your data, as well as how it’s actually hurting your growth.

Determine the Why

Then, we better understand the why behind your customers’ feedback and actions.

Create Your Marketing Strategy

And finally, we utilize these insights and findings to craft a multi-mix attribution model and strategic marketing plans that generate maximum revenue.

How Smartargeting Has Worked for Our Clients

VP Buildings Recruitment

VP Buildings – Music to Your Ears

Aunt Sue's Raw & Unfiltered Honey Bottle with a Pastry

Sioux Honey – Aunt Sue’s Rebrand

Semi Truck on Road

Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies – Milepost Insurance

First National Bank of Omaha Unforgettable Firsts Girl and Dad Looking at the Stars

First National Bank – Unforgettable Firsts

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2215 Harney Street
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Phone: 402-965-4300

Email: info@bozell.com