Westlake Ace Hardware – Zombie Preparedness

Mmm … Branding

“The coolest hardware store ever!” Yeah, that’s what you hear from millennial consumers when you create a tongue-in-cheek campaign that features real Westlake Ace Hardware items that can help you survive a zombie apocalypse. With tips for both humans and zombies, the campaign appealed to a younger target audience and positioned Westlake as the coolest hardware store in the neighborhood.


Phase 1 Video


Phase 2 Video (13 News)

Phase 2 Video (ZBS)


Media coverage on the campaign spread faster than a zombie uprising, resulting in more than 45,000 mentions, hundreds of news stories, thousands of blog posts and tweets from all around the world. Westlake received a dramatic increase in web traffic – with social engagement up 368 percent and more than 9,000 new links to its home page. Best of all, Westlake saw a substantial increase in the number of in-store visitors – because when it comes to zombies, you can never be too prepared.