The inside scoop on Toilet Paper

June 2nd, 2014

A year or so ago I was asked – through my blog on menopause – to participate in helping to “name” a new product offering by Kimberly-Clark. They wanted a cute/clever name for the pairing of toilet paper and wipes for women 50+. I was aghast!

What were they thinking? More to the point, what were they implying? That women 50+ leak waste?

I was offended and angry and defensive and more – but nothing good. They didn’t understand us at all! And they were going to get crushed.

I don’t know what happened between then and now, but I have to say they paired those products and made it work!

If I had to venture an educated guess I’d say two things made all the difference. First, they don’t appear to target a specific age or sex. The fact that they seem to be talking to everyone does not come across as offensive to me. Stuff happens. Second, they have employed British humor – and that gives them a whole lot more latitude. How mad can you get when they’re talking about your “bum?” Even in the middle of a restaurant.

I don’t know if this dynamic product duo will ever catch on – but I’m impressed with how they started in a place that infuriated me and wound up in a place I have to admire.