Is the Agency Membership Model Right for Your Brand?

December 16th, 2023

A deep dive into Bozell’s unique take on membership

Marketing tactics continue to quickly evolve, with new tools like artificial intelligence offering brands a bevy of advertising options that are more customizable, scalable and agile than ever before (for more on this, listen to our four-part series on AI). And while these advances provide exciting opportunities to create new marketing content for your brand, navigating this changing landscape can be challenging for many companies.

Partnering with an advertising agency like Bozell can help brands effectively leverage available marketing tactics by providing guidance and expertise on integrated campaigns that meet your business goals, no matter if you’re launching a new product or refreshing your brand look.

When it comes to utilizing a marketing firm, many businesses hire them on a per-project basis or retain them as their agency of record (AOR) to handle all their marketing needs. But today, a more flexible trend in agency-client relationships is emerging: the membership model.

With this subscription-style approach, brands pay one fixed monthly fee for access to the agency’s services. So whether you want to redesign your website one quarter, or roll out a full social media campaign the next, the costs remain the same. This allows for better budgeting and the ability to tackle a wide variety of marketing priorities throughout the year. However, budget predictability and flexibility are only part of the value. Read on to find out how the membership model can benefit your business.

The Magnificent Membership

  • You get open access to a team of experts.
    Need to schedule an impromptu meeting or chat strategy with your account executive? The membership model allows for the free flow of conversations and ideas without having to worry about how much you’ll be billed later. The result is marketing efforts that are focused on your business goals, not just marketing goals.
  • No cost uncertainty.
    With a membership, your marketing budget becomes much more predictable. Transparent upfront pricing means you know in advance how much you’ll spend each month, quarter, year, etc., and can plan accordingly. (Your accounting department is going to love you.)
  • Your success is their success.
    One of the best things about the membership model is that performance incentives can be tied to your business needs. This ensures your agency partner has a real stake in your success and is motivated to achieve the best results possible for your brand.
  • Flexibility to meet your changing needs.
    Having access to an agency that can adapt to your marketing needs on the fly is a big benefit of membership. When your priorities change, so can theirs. Just be sure to communicate your marketing priorities and expectations so your agency can be ready to pivot to your next goal or project.
  • It’s custom-fit to your brand.
    When you think of monthly subscriptions, you might be thinking about the way your phone plan or internet package includes certain services or a specific amount of data each month. But that’s where the similarities end. Memberships aren’t one-size-fits-all. Instead, it’s a highly customizable experience, allowing you to tailor-fit agency services to match your business objectives and marketing strategy.

Meet Bozell’s Care Commitment

Despite the many benefits membership offers, many agencies still only provide project-based (or God-forbid, hourly) billing. But Bozell is different. We’re fueled by the desire to achieve real business results for our clients. That passion led us to pioneer the Bozell Care Commitment – an innovative membership platform designed to eliminate tedious time tracking, limited scopes, and increased client risk. Instead, we focus on delivering smarter strategies, uncovering deeper insights and assuring your success.

In addition to top-tier work across creative, digital, PR, social, paid media, and content, Bozell members get access to valuable marketing expertise, forward-thinking industry trends, and exclusive educational content via our suite of core services:

What does a membership with Bozell look like?
Our Care Commitment is a custom-fit approach to meeting your business’s specific needs. With our flexible approach to marketing services, we can work within your budget, no matter if you run a local, regional, national, or global company. And it’s adaptable based on your changing priorities. Need us to collaborate with your in-house marketing team or other agency partners? No problem. Want us to optimize your digital ads, then quickly shift to email marketing? We can seamlessly pivot while keeping your core business goals at the forefront.

Ready to see how our membership looks on your brand? Let’s talk. We can’t wait for you to see how it feels to work with people who care as madly as we do.

Bozell is a full-service, women-owned advertising and marketing agency in Omaha, Nebraska, whose capabilities stretch across all disciplines: creative, digital, paid media, PR, social, and content. Everything we do is rooted in strategy, and we always start with a full understanding of your business objectives so we can meet or exceed your goals. For more information, see recent examples of our work and listen to the latest episode of our podcast.