2021 Issue 1


Communication is Brand

Brand Management

Cancel culture. Online communities. Employee ambassadors. The way companies can and should communicate their brand message continues to change. Nowadays, every single thing a stakeholder says and does – from your customers to your employees – becomes a direct representation of your brand. Quite...

Why is Communication Considered Brand?

Brand Management, Insights

  The latest in the evolution of branding. As the pandemic continues to shift our relationships and interactions with each other, it has also shined a bright, glaring spotlight on brands, proving they are more than just an identity and creative advertising. “Brand” is now all the...

Keep Your Head on a Swivel

Customer Focus, Media Planning & Buying

How paid media is best with your customer at the center. When I was in the 7th grade, I went out for the football team. I thought I had a pretty good arm and figured that I’d eventually play college football and win a Heisman Trophy or two while doing so. Well, that all changed once...

“All Views Are My Own”

Brand Management, Public Relations, Social Media, Tips

  A reason for brands to embrace employee-generated content. You probably don’t need another acronym in your life. Between CTR and CPC, UI and UX, SMBs and SMEs, SMM and SMO, and SEO and SEM, marketing is its own bowl of alphabet soup. But there is a less-used abbreviation that could...

Keep It in the Work-Family

Brand Management, Strategy & Planning

The importance of internal communication. As an industry built around communication, it’s often surprising to me to see how frequently marketers fail to communicate with each other. If communication is brand, how we communicate internally, and with our clients, speaks just as much to our brand...

It Takes a Virtual Village

Brand Management, Customer Focus

Stakeholders build communities, brands embrace them. You don’t need to be a mighty economic enzyme, like Apple or Disney, to be the catalyst for a thriving brand community. Sarah’s Coffee House nestled on the corner of Cozy and Unique Streets can spur an active community, too. And her...