2017 Issue 1


Ahh, technology. Where would we be without it?


Year after year, technology continues to change the way we live. It’s making homes smarter, businesses smarter, our world smarter. And now, as we continue to see more additions to the industry, it’s our duty as marketers to figure out how to incorporate these technologies into our marketing...

Gadgets and Gizmos


Bozell meets the wonderful world of the IoT and technology. When it comes to technology, it seems as though new and improved products are unveiled every day. Sure, we read articles about new tech, but if we really want to understand it, we have to give it a try. Today’s new tech could be...

Tech in Unexpected Places


The IoT can help you market to any industry.  The robots are coming. Scratch that; they’re already here. (Insert Terminator reference here.) Even in an industry as tradition-bound as construction, IoT has made a place for itself – not as a trendy gadget, but in a true money-saving,...

Always On

Digital, Social Media, Tips

How to adapt to the 24/7 marketing cycle that’s dictated by the internet. 525,600 minutes: words from a tune in the musical Rent and the amount of time your brand is expected to be “on” and in front of an audience each year. Let’s face it. Marketing is now 24/7. But for most marketing...

Low-hanging Tech Fruit


How smart technology could be a beneficial part of your marketing plan. If you’re thinking about adding smart technology to your advertising media roster, but you aren’t sure where to begin, let’s start with the technologies that are already widely talked about and used by consumers –...

Data Overload

Digital, Strategy & Planning

How to make sense of all the data available from your online marketing efforts. Impressions, views, time spent, click-through-rate, visits, likes, shares, retweets, open rates, behaviors, … oh my! Data is all around us. However, having an arsenal of data alone isn’t going to evolve your...

Only the Smart Survive.

Digital, Insights, Tips

What to consider when creating for the IoT. Back in 2008, the world was downloading apps at an insane rate. All of my clients, regardless of need, seemed to be asking for apps to be developed. But with all of these apps, a trend began to rise to the surface. On a lot of our phones, many weren’t...

Natural Language Processing


For years, voice dictation and commands had been available to users, and we were used to them not really understanding us. There’s only so many times you’re willing to use unnatural and rigid speech patterns only to find that the computer missed your point entirely, before you give up on it and...