Gadgets and Gizmos

May 17th, 2017

Bozell meets the wonderful world of the IoT and technology.

When it comes to technology, it seems as though new and improved products are unveiled every day. Sure, we read articles about new tech, but if we really want to understand it, we have to give it a try. Today’s new tech could be tomorrow’s great opportunity for clients to reach their customers. Lucky for you, Bozellers are tapped in. Take a look. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Nest Cam Indoor
An indoor security camera that offers 24/7 live streaming and alerts you if it senses motion or noise … AKA: Catching more embarrassing moments than burglars.
“False alarm. Eddie just went on the rug.”
– Kim Mickelsen

Nest Protect
A smoke alarm that communicates the presence of smoke and carbon monoxide in the home by speaking and alerting your phone … AKA: Protects from fires and husbands who can’t cook.
“Takeout, anyone?”
– Kerrey Lubbe

Sharp Business Printers
These smart printers now monitor when your toner is getting low and re-orders automatically for you … AKA: An office manager’s dream.
“The printer’s out of toner.”
– No one at Bozell

Amazon Echo
The voice-activated, in-home device that allows you to search the web, instantly order groceries on Amazon, and so much more … AKA: An eaves-dropper you pay for.
“Alexa, order 10,000 cans of cat food.”
– Every Bozeller to Ryan Weidman’s Amazon Echo

Automatic Pro
Monitor your vehicle with an app that offers trip logging, engine light diagnostics, fill-up logging, crash assistance and live vehicle tracking … AKA: AAA on steroids.
“It’s like my dad is always with me.”
– Bailey Williams

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