Tapping the Power of Enthusiasts

December 3rd, 2008

Mooney manufacturers high performance, single engine, piston aircrafts. In fact, they make the fastest single engine piston aricraft on the market. Mooney owners are passionate about their aircraft and the history of the company. These rabid fans love to talk about their aircraft and discuss anything Mooney.

We developed and launched a new application within their website to allow these “Mooniacs” to contribute their thoughts and photographs to improve their own Mooney experience. Hundreds of these enthusiasts have registered to become part of this select group.

Each photograph and blog post can be read by anyone who visits mooney.com. To leverage the enthusiasm further we also created a widget that Mooniacs could embed in their own web site, blog or social networking page.

Leveraging the passion of enthusiasts has created immense value for Mooney and their online presence. They are now able to capitalize on the power of user-generated content to help sell their product. This word of mouth form of marketing holds as much value to potential owners as would a brochure. Perhaps even more. This additional content has also dramatically increased the amount of content available for search engines to index (adding some 2,500+ pages), creating more than triple the number of possible entry points to mooney.com.