December 9th, 2021


Episode 20: 2022 Predictions – The Ad Industry Pre, During and Post Pandemic

The pandemic has made a substantial impact on the marketing and advertising industry, that’s no secret. But in this episode of Marketing Then & Now, we sit back down with one of Bozell’s owners, Kim Mickelsen, to get her take on the past couple of years, as well as her predictions for what’s to come. Having personally seen our agency survive three major crises during her 20 years of ownership, she offers a unique perspective on the matter. Read More

November 4th, 2021


Episode 19: Revealed – The Secrets to Successful Storytelling

Creating content has been a topic of discussion in marketing for years now but how exactly has it changed over time? Why is storytelling still so important? How do you draw in a consumer and get them to continue reading? How do you measure success? On this episode of Marketing Then & Now, all of these questions (and more) are answered by our resident podcast interviewer and manager of content, Jim Minge. We’ve flipped the script and put him in the hot seat this time around in order to truly get to the bottom of content in today’s market. Read More

October 6th, 2021


Episode 18: How to Effectively Navigate Today’s Digital Media Landscape

With the state of the third-party cookie changing drastically, marketers can’t ignore the inevitable shift in the digital media landscape. On this episode of Marketing Then & Now, we sit down with Rod Coleman, Bozell’s head of paid media, as he talks us through those changes – specifically with Facebook, Google and YouTube. He explains how businesses can still benefit from advertising on these platforms, and he shares effective media tactics and targeting strategies that will help you hit your primary KPIs. Read More

May 27th, 2021


Episode 15: Behind the Scenes of 100 Years in Advertising

With a history spanning a century, as well as having been a top-10 global leader in the advertising industry, our agency has no shortage of fascinating stories. So, to celebrate our 100-year anniversary, we invited co-owner Kim Mickelsen to share some intriguing, never-before-heard memories. Over her nearly four-decade tenure with the agency, Kim has heard and seen it all. From making WrestleMania the success it is today to bringing the College World Series to Omaha to creating the iconic “Pork. Read More

May 4th, 2021


Episode 14: Exploring Everything from The Creative Process to Search Engine Optimization

Being a copywriter back in the Mad Men era was a lot different than it is today. Responsibilities now include anything from social content creation to guerrilla marketing to SEO. Join us in this episode of Marketing Then & Now as our senior copywriter, Kerrey Lubbe, explains the modern-day copywriter. She’ll talk us through brainstorming, how she stayed creative during the pandemic and, of course, the complex process of creating and implementing keywords and phrases that can help your website outperform your competitors. Read More

April 28th, 2021


How Apple’s New Privacy Feature Will Affect Marketers

By now, you’re aware that Apple will require all apps in the App Store to offer a prompt allowing users to opt in or out of tracking. This is called App Tracking Transparency (ATT), and it is being rolled out this week to iOS 14.5 users.

Initially, many experts were predicting that 20% of users would opt in to allow tracking. However, studies conducted by various mobile measurement partners have seen percentages as high as 42%. Read More

April 6th, 2021


Emptying the (Third-party) Cookie Jar

Google and several of its fellow Internet conglomerates announced recently that third-party cookies are going away. Privacy advocates cheered. Ad sales reps fretted. But most people were left confused.

What the heck is a cookie? And why should I care if they’re going away?

Cookies are little pieces of data left behind when you visit a website. For those of you with kids, think of your fourth grader hanging out in the living room all day with a box of Oreos. Read More

March 18th, 2021


Advertising in the Virtual

The Virtual Reality

VR, or Virtual Reality, has come a long way in our notably brief relationship with it over the last few decades. In its infancy, this technology may have rested on your brow as the humble, plastic artifact known as the ‘Viewmaster’, and even that is leagues beyond where it started. Printed film has made way for high-resolution LED screens resting but an inch from our eyes. Only recently has this sophisticated technology entered the hands of consumers, Read More

March 3rd, 2021


Three Ways to Optimize Your Brand’s Presence on Amazon

We’ve all heard by this point how much the pandemic has created a monstrous shift in retail consumption and e-commerce sales. E-commerce retail now accounts for roughly 16% of total retail sales compared to only 11% pre-COVID-19. Amazon is still 6.7x larger than the next closest retailer but spots 5–10 are in a tight race. And in fact, Kroger for the first time has broken into the top 10.  Read More


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