Welcome to Bozell’s Dialogue Relations / Public Relations Blog!!

December 1st, 2008

We are practicing what we preach by jumping head first into the Social Media space on the new Bozell website. Each of our executive committee members are required to post blogs on a regular basis. Many of us are already active in the blog’o’sphere on a personal level and we commonly recommend this tactic to our clients, but this is an integrated approach for the company.

The Dialogue Relations / Public Relations blog is designed to be many things. A forum on the latest developments within the marketing communications industry and at Bozell. We will have members of our team contribute to our blog, including our Social Media Specialist, Bill Flavell..

The first topic of discussion is why we are transitioning our department name from Public Relations to Dialogue Relations. Over the years we have been described as communications, public affairs, media relations, community and public relations. It has been a struggle for professional communicators to quickly and succinctly describe our role.

At Bozell, we feel that it is our responsibility to facilitate a dialogue between key stakeholders such as the media, community at large, employees, customers and influencers. With the advent of Web 2.0, individuals want to be part of the dialogue, rather than only receiving information. It is our job to engage in and facilitate the conversation between companies, their customers and between consumers.  As a result, public relations no longer is broad enough to describe our role in the marketing communications mix. As we transition to only Dialogue Relations, we will include “Public” since this is the most recognized description of our department (for the time being).

Please let me know your thoughts on our name change to Dialogue Relations.

Have a great day, Sylvia