To Roll or Not to Roll

December 4th, 2008

A major building products manufacturer faced a tricky question: Which product form and which packaging of that form should be sold in home centers when the product is sold to two very different groups: Do-It-Yourselfers and professional installers?

Understanding their preferences would drive manufacturing plant usage and capacity issues, as well as marketing and promotions. We developed and conducted a nationwide online study consisting of consumers and pros. Respondents were encouraged to participate through a sweepstakes offering home center gift cards as prizes.

Study objectives included:
1) Validate or disprove previous company studies that examined consumer product preferences.
2) Understand the purchase drivers for consumer and professional segments, uncover similarities and judge the impact of discrepancies.
3) Determine implications to purchasing intent of the various product and package forms to maximize sales potential.

Analysis of findings determined that consumers and professionals have entirely different preferences when it comes to this product’s form since they perceive the value of the product based on their own set of needs. Using information and analysis from the survey, the company is currently reconfiguring packaging and form, as well as distribution, to better fit the needs and preferences of both types of customer.