2017 Issue 2


No, the internet didn’t kill TV, but ... oooh, what’s this shiny thing?


As an industry, advertising has always been guilty of chasing the shiny new object. Every new medium that comes along – print, radio, TV, the internet, social media. Immediately, pundits herald the new thing as the holy grail for marketing and announce the swan song of whatever came before. Video...

So much has changed. Yet so little is different.

Insights, Public Relations

History’s first PR blunder did not have anything to do with a cell phone video. It didn’t involve an upset air passenger, an ornery security guard or a tone-deaf CEO. The world’s first PR screw-up certainly had nothing to do with an iPhone. But it did have everything to do with an apple....

The Deceiving Power of New

Digital, Innovation

Sometimes we get so caught up in what we’re doing, we forget why we’re doing it. The tech industry is especially susceptible to this. And the best way to prove it is with an example. Cue … the CueCat. In 2000, the CueCat was released by Digital Convergence Corporation (which is no longer in...

How to Take On the Tech Take-over

Customer Focus, Insights, Media Planning & Buying, Mobile Thinking

Fifty years ago, the average person read the newspaper in the morning, thumbed through a magazine over lunch and watched one of three TV channels after work. Today, things have changed. It’s not that people don’t watch TV or read magazines. They do. It’s that they don’t do one of those...

Brick-and-Mortar is Here to Stay

Customer Focus, Insights

Everyone in the retail world is looking to create the perfect business model. For years, the only choice was brick-and-mortar shopping, and then along came e-commerce. That’s when “retail” became “e-tail.” The most aggressive of the e-tailers (i.e., Amazon) would have us believe that...

The Unbundling and Re-bundling of Full-Service Agencies

Brand Management, Strategy & Planning

A few years ago, the full-service agency model really lost its way. In the process, the term became convoluted and pretty much meaningless. It became fashionable for full-service agencies to unbundle and specialize. One big trend was to become a digital-focused shop. Or maybe a social media shop....