2011 Issue 4


Keeping up with the @Kardashians

Digital, Social Media

Judging people based on possessions is something we, as a society, just do. No, it’s not right, and there are a lot of directions we can point the blame. We are constantly bombarded by flashy reality television shows flaunting über fancy “cribs” and cars. We’re told through advertising...

Going Postal.

Customer Focus, Smartargeting

Direct mail and the changing US Postal Service. You’ve probably noticed that your mailbox isn’t quite as full as it used to be. First class mail volumes (historically the most profitable segment for the U.S. Postal Service) have fallen at a staggering rate as many previously printed forms of...

Hide your kids, hide your wife.

Insights, Marketing Research

Economic-bust responses and successful brands. Anytime I hear someone talk about the current economic situation, I feel like heeding the advice of Antoine Dodson to "Hide your kids, hide your wife!" It's as if we should all hide under a rock until the economy gets better. With national unemployment...

Thinking Outside the Toolbox

Advertising, Customer Focus, Public Relations

An article about tools, social media and zombies.   A challenge for many businesses is keeping up with the ever-evolving change between generations. The buying power continues to shift, and, for Westlake Ace Hardware, a chain of local hardware stores that’s primary customer base is baby...

DANGER: Clicking Range

Brand Management, Digital, Insights, Media Planning & Buying

Online advertising continues to change targets – from direct-response advertising to branding media. Today, online marketers continue to grapple with the same question, through the analysis of metrics. The entire online industry has made itself about click-through rates (CTRs) to justify why...