2008 Issue 2


From Monologue to Dialogue

Customer Focus, Public Relations

Today, the words "one way" belong on downtown street signs. Not in marketing. Driven by the convergence of technological innovation that has sent competition into hyper drive AND caused major shifts in consumer behavior, a dialogue between brands and their customers is quickly replacing the...

Momentum Builds for the Magician


Four decades have passed since Omaha's own Marlin "The Magician" Briscoe became the first African-American starting quarterback in the NFL as a rookie for the Denver Broncos in 1968. The dramatic story of Briscoe's life and career as told in his autobiography The First Black Quarterback, is now...

Widget Works


Widgets, badges, gadgets or mini-applications; call them what you will, but their use on social networking sites, blogs, desktops and personal websites has grown tremendously in the last year. Their increase in use and popularity relies on online "word-of-mouth" or recommendations by friends or...

Email Dos and Don’ts

Email Marketing

With a possible recession looming on the horizon, marketers are looking for ways to stretch their budgets. With all of the new opportunities referred to as "new media," there is one that is anything but new. Email marketing has been proven an effective, inexpensive technique time and time again for...

Meet the Millenials

Customer Focus, Marketing Research

We have been called lazy, greedy and over-coddled. We have been labeled fickle, self-focused and transient. And while it’s true that we will jump jobs more than any other generation, we will transform every work environment we visit. We are the Millenials, the Echo Boomers, the Nexters or...