Perception vs. Reality – Makes All The Difference

April 20th, 2015

In the business of communicating, perception vs. reality is a daunting concept. Sometimes we strive to make perception and reality align, and sometimes that alignment is not optimal. Regardless of which works best, we are fully aware that our ability to control perception is a lot like catching the wind. At best we can influence in an impactful way.

We talk about perception vs. reality a lot. I’m sure there are folks that think: is it really that big of a deal? I’ll share a little story – see what you think.

Nearly a decade ago I was vacationing in Capri. Shopping in a little department store in Anacapri, I noticed two salesmen. One looked to be the quintessential mediterranean god. He was dark and incredibly handsome, and he dressed the part of a wealthy playboy – a real treat for the eyes. The other, was more of a scrawny, dorky, older, weasely guy, (am I painting enough of a picture here?) and his clothes were that of a 1960’s file clerk – in fact, from the looks of it he might have had them since the 60’s.

As I continued my shopping, I became engrossed in a hand carved wooden box on a lower shelf. Debating between the hand carved lion and the giraffe, I sensed a nearby presence. Then, suddenly, I felt a pinch on the bum!

I have to admit, I had a brief moment of elation and then my head snapped around to see the culprit.

Moving away from me with a rapid gait was the weasely file clerk.

I have always regretted that turn of my head.