June 5th, 2019

Robin Donovan

Topsy Turvey World or Conscious Capitalism

Last week I attended the Do More Good Conference in Lincoln, NE. Rand Stagen, the co-founder of Conscious Capitalism, was one of the speakers.

As I understand it, put simply, the world and its people used to be governed by religion and thereby compelled to “do good.” Business was kind of a bad seed – it was Capitalism. A dog-eat-dog mindset was encouraged.

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May 20th, 2019

Robin Donovan

Confidence in Women as Entrepreneurs

I recently read an article by Carol Roth about the 76 Challenges That Women Have to Overcome in Entrepreneurship. Seventy-six different professionals weighed in on the question and about 90 percent of the answers were the same: Women, and everyone else in the world, don’t have enough confidence in women.

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April 30th, 2019


Maybe You Should Sleep On It

If you’ve ever had a dream (most of us), you know they can be fun, interesting and wildly bizarre. For instance, my last dream had the lush setting of the Ritz Carlton where I was stuck in a glass elevator with Michael Keaton and Ryan Reynolds, all of us wearing bright green St. Patrick’s Day outfits and holding French bulldogs. Before you can judge me, I’m sure you’ve had weirder dreams than that.

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April 24th, 2019

Laura Spaulding

Bozell Takes Home 12 Awards at the AMA Pinnacle Awards

Creative marketing communications firm Bozell received 12 industry awards at the 2019 American Marketing Association (AMA) Omaha Pinnacle Awards on Wednesday. Twelve represents a tie for most awarded agency or company. A complete list of awards won are as follows:

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April 9th, 2019

Danny Wikowsky

It’s Overtime and You’ve Got One Commercial Break

Last night was the culmination of the 2018 – 2019 NCAA Men’s Basketball season with the University of Virginia defeating Texas Tech University in an instant-classic championship game of what we all effectively call March Madness. Of course, advertisers typically work to leverage March Madness for their special offers, deals and promotions. The king of this year’s tournament, in my opinion, is Buffalo Wild Wings.

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March 27th, 2019

Robin Donovan

Women that Take No Prisoners

I recently read an article about what some women in marketing wish they’d heard earlier in their career and it boils down to giving yourself permission to work and behave as yourself – without needing permission from someone else.

When I think about working life today that seems ridiculous. The strong, take-no-prisoners business women I meet every day would never fret about such things. Sure, there are some timid women out there – but the ones who are rising and have risen to the top are fearless and hard charging. Weren’t they always?

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March 13th, 2019


About Gen Z by Gen Z

Flipping through social media, I always laugh when I come across an article talking about what Gen Z wants in the workplace because typically it’s written by someone from the Baby Boomer generation. It’s pretty tough to accurately write about a generation that you don’t come from – like a hermit writing about the importance of social events or a mime giving a presentation on public speaking. 

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February 26th, 2019


A Blog is a Blog is a Blog … or is it?

The short answer:

This is a blog post, not a blog. Blogs are a collection of blog posts, which can be any length. Even three sentences.

The long answer:

There seem to be a big misconception regarding blogs, one which I try and correct at every given chance. A blog is an online diary or publication. While writing this piece, I know that it will be posted to Bozell’s blog. This piece, however, isn’t a blog, even when posted online. This will be an article, or a blog post. A blog is a collection of blog posts. Asking people to read your blog is fine, but if you’re referring to one article on your blog, just ask people to read your post. I know it reads like a rant (and it is a little bit), but using the right vocabulary helps present ourselves professionally.

February 8th, 2019

Robin Donovan

Timid Women, DOVE Chocolate says “No chocolate for you!”

© DOVE Chocolate

I have seen DOVE Chocolates’s new commercial, which implies that three guys are buying gifts at the same time and place for the same woman. The spot then cuts to said woman eating DOVE Chocolate. What I did not comprehend was that this is DOVE’s way of celebrating “bold” women.

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February 6th, 2019


Pinteresting Strategies for Food Brands

Pinterest is the social network for shopping and planning. It’s less about socializing and more about finding exactly what you’re looking for. This makes it optimal for brands in fashion, home décor, health and wellness, and grocery. Naturally, it’s a great place to showcase how your product can be used or consumed – especially if you’re a food item!

Who is using Pinterest? (Source: eMarketer)

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