Four Ways You Should Use Clubhouse to Boost Your Marketing Game

June 1st, 2021

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By now, you’ve probably heard about Clubhouse. You may have received an invite, maybe checked out a couple of rooms and some of you have even shed some insight to complete strangers — so brave! But for those of you who need a little more push as to why you should even download the app (currently only available on Apple), I have some ideas that will convince you to join the club, not for yourself, but for your business.

In case you’re reading this and don’t know what Clubhouse is, let me break it down. Imagine going to a business conference. But instead of being there physically, it’s all audio. So you can join whatever session you want, whenever you want. If one speaker is talking about something you’re interested in, you can hop in the room and listen to them and the rest of the panel speakers. You can “raise your hand” and ask a question and even give your own insights. The topics of the rooms are endless. I’ve been in rooms about social media marketing to T-shirt making and cooking classes!

But what’s in it for marketers? How can you really use this to boost your business? Clubhouse can’t guarantee your success in your business goals, but it offers tangible business gains if you use it wisely. Unlike a lot of other social media apps, it’s really about value and relationship-based marketing.

So here are four ways that I’ve seen — or should I say heard — other marketers use Clubhouse to boost their marketing game:

  1. Create Brand Awareness – Clubhouse is perfect for building brand awareness through word-of-mouth campaigns. Cinnabon’s former CEO and president hosted a weekly meeting with hundreds of listeners where she would help other entrepreneurs with their businesses. At the end of each session, she would ask if anyone wanted Cinnabons and would actually send them out. Basically every room on Clubhouse was talking about Cinnabon for the next couple of weeks.
  2. Position Yourself as an Industry Expert – Being an expert on a particular topic can boost your business to new heights. Sharing your experience and insight with others can also help build your reputation as a thought leader and, in turn, gain credibility for your business. All you need to do is join rooms that are pertinent to your industry and be part of the conversation. But give the people value. Don’t just talk about your brand. Once you’re able to confidently contribute, take the opportunity to then enhance your brand and increase lead generation.
  3. Connect with Investors – Investors are a huge part of the crowd on Clubhouse. This makes it an exciting opportunity for startups to make business connections without having to set up meetings or network with hundreds of people at a huge conference. All you have to do is join a room and talk about what you do and your business passions. Or start a room and ask for feedback from investors and use it to improve your product overall. You never know who you could end up meeting — especially since we know Elon Musk is a frequent visitor!
  4. Be Creative – While Clubhouse is known to be focused on the audio aspect, it doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with the visuals. For example, pet care brand Pedigree hosted a room and talked mainly about mental health, which led to conversations about the health benefits of having a pet. The profile photos of their moderators were photos of adoptable dogs that people in the room could click on to find out more information. And bonus — all of the adoption fees for dogs adopted through Clubhouse were covered!

All in all, Clubhouse offers a lot more than you’ve probably first imagined. If you haven’t considered it as part of your marketing strategy, it’s still a great time to hop on the train. Try one of these methods I’ve listed and see how it works for your brand. You never know who you could run into — and who could change your business forever.