H&H Sundays on the Lot

Video Series

The car dealership category is typically bogged down with TV and radio commercials screaming deals. H&H wanted to target young adults who are in the market for a new car. In order to keep H&H top-of-mind with this audience, Bozell created a lighthearted concept that could live online, where young adults already are, and would be fun for both current and potential H&H customers.

With most TV spots, co-op and legal regulations leave little room for fun, but this time, we were able to set those regulations aside. These online-only videos would focus less on deals, and more on having fun with the Kia and Chevrolet vehicles. What came from that was Sundays on Lot. We thought to ourselves, what exactly happens when dealerships are closed on Sundays? And what we imagined was that the cars hold staff meetings, play pranks on each other and ponder life’s greatest mysteries. So we created videos with these scenarios – talking cars and all.