2020 Issue 2


Paid Media

Advertising, Insights, Media Planning & Buying, Strategy & Planning

  The Almighty Ad Dollar of 2020 With the constant evolution and addition of streaming content and social and digital platforms, the landscape of paid media continues to change month after month. As marketers, it’s difficult to keep up. And during these somewhat uncertain times, being...

The Great Reckoning

Customer Focus, Disruption, Insights, Media Planning & Buying, Strategy & Planning

Adapting, Surviving & Thriving. Decades from now when our great-grandchildren read about 2020 in the history books, will it be framed from the perspective of the pandemic’s health toll, the economic devastation, an awakening among whites about the debilitating impact of systemic racism on...

Early Birds + Ad Worms

Advertising, Insights, Marketing ROI, Media Planning & Buying, Strategy & Planning, Tips

Why upfront media buying offers an advantage. First dibs. If you’re a media buyer, that phrase makes you salivate like Pavlov’s pup. That’s because buying early comes down to that simple expression. Long-view national studies, in-depth magazine articles, college marketing classes – all...

From Boob Tube to Dream Stream

Advertising, Digital, Disruption, Innovation, Media Planning & Buying

The great shift of TV ad buys.  Since social distancing took hold in March, several friends and I have been sharing weekly trivia questions with each other. It’s a good way to pass the time and stay connected when in-person gatherings are on hold. One of this week’s questions, from an old...

Safety First?

Brand Management, Marketing Research, Media Planning & Buying, Tips

The redefining of "brand safe" in media buying. Over the last 10+ years, digital media buying and various targeting methods have grown exponentially. And as a media buyer, the old way of looking at brand-safe placements has shifted, too. Nowadays, the definition of “explicit” or...

Emma and her Widgets

Advertising, Customer Focus, Marketing Metrics, Marketing Research, Marketing ROI, Media Planning & Buying

A tale of attribution modeling and tracking the sale. Emma’s Garden Emporium just sold its first custom-made watering widgets. One was purchased via Emma’s website, and one was bought at her brick-and-mortar store. Emma gives an employee a high-five! Like anyone in the business of selling...