2016 Issue 2


Deep in the Trenches


In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a war on advertising. Ad blockers, satellite radio, DVR skipping, ad fraud, and general outrage across the land. Everybody loves to hate advertising. It’s gotten so bad, ad agencies are embarrassed to say they do it. They’re now “brand...

Advertising: A Love-Hate Relationship

Advertising, Customer Focus, Insights, Marketing Research

The myth perpetrated is that people HATE advertising. Fueling it lately is the heavy media coverage on the rise in popularity of ad blockers. But contrary to popular belief, people don’t categorically hate advertising. (If they did – enough to make it ineffective – then no one would...

Content is More than King

Customer Focus, Insights

How to better connect with your audience. No matter their age, no matter where they go to do it, before consumers purchase or engage, they do their research to better understand a product or brand. People don’t simply believe what a brand says. They hunt for information. They gather, consider...

The Ad Blockade

Advertising, Insights, Marketing ROI, Media Planning & Buying

How to infiltrate and outsmart the ad blockers of the world. If you’ve ever searched the Web for a specific item, only to be intercepted by an ad that threatens to move you to another page before you’ve even started to read, you can understand the growing adoption of ad blocking. But what...

Basic Training

Advertising, Insights

How Creative Can Win the War on Advertising So, surprise. People (your customers) hate ads, and actively seek to avoid them. And this is supposed to be news? True, the drumbeats have been getting louder, and the tools to avoid ads are smarter every day. So how can those of us who create...