2010 Issue 4


Finding Your Way


Web Design Trends for Easier Site Navigation One of the best things about designing and producing websites is the constant evolution of techniques and technology for doing so. We’re no longer constrained by tiny monitors with low resolutions, we’re close to being rid of incapacitated web...

Women Baby Boomers

Customer Focus, Insights

We're not who you think we are. How is today’s 50-something woman different from her sisters of bygone days? She has choices and she takes control. She has the power to decide how she wants to be treated and she exercises that power. The 50-something woman of two decades ago had ultimate...

Cost Cutting in Business Journalism

Insights, Public Relations

The recession of 2009 has taken its toll on all of us, but for business journalism it greatly escalated the erosion that was already well underway. Publishers are experimenting with new business approaches like pay-walls, paid mobile applications and hybrid editorial/ad models like Forbes'...

Cheap Eats

Public Relations

How Red Mango Cashed in on the Budget-Friendly Snacking Trend Post-recession consumer behaviors have shifted for the long haul. Instead of extravagant vacations and luxury services, people are going for smaller, more budget-friendly indulgences. A CNN article, “How to get the most happiness for...

Check Out the Check In

Digital, Social Media

Marketing Tips for Geolocation 2010 was certainly the year for geolocation. Foursquare came to center stage, signing up 4.5 million users and counting, and Facebook added “Places” for its 500 million-plus users to check in to different locations. If you’re completely unfamiliar with...