2020 Issue 3


Earned & Shared Media

Public Relations, Social Media

Did you hear? Kylie Jenner’s out, and Samantha Kozuch is in. Don’t know who that is? Your customers might. And as a micro influencer, she’s a lot cheaper and can be quite effective. That’s the kind of thing we’ll get into in this special, final edition of our Thinking Media Series. This...

Power to the People

Advertising, Brand Management, Customer Focus, Insights

As our world has continued to shift on its axis, the current marketplace changes have not only been visible, they have been undeniable. As brands and consumers, we were already on the path to move more and more virtual with both our personal and professional relationships. As marketers, we have...

The Cancel Culture Revolution

Brand Management, Customer Focus, Social Media

Seinfeld’s Kramer would have loved Gen Z and their demographic cohorts, the millennials. The ‘90s character had a penchant for boycotts, too. Whether he was objecting to Kenny Rogers Roasters or refusing junk mail from the USPS, Kramer was never afraid to scratch his protest itch with a good,...

How to Adapt Your PR Strategy in the Age of Media Distrust

Media Planning & Buying, Public Relations

The media has a PR problem. A series of new studies indicate distrust in the media is growing. According to the latest poll - conducted by Gallup and the Knight Foundation – 86% of Americans think media outlets lean politically one way or the other, 84% say the media are creating political...

Beware The Echo Chamber

Customer Focus, Digital

From what we stream to products searched, and even to the news we read, algorithms affect almost every aspect of our digital lives. But algorithms aren’t anything scary; they are simply a step-by-step procedure for solving a problem. Although it is just a procedure, algorithms...

The Good News in Influencer Marketing

Public Relations, Social Media

It used to be that only the big brands with the big marketing budgets made influencer advertising a focus. Pay a celebrity to apply your lipstick for an Instagram post and bam! Everyone is clicking to add that signature red to their online cart. But in 2020, you don’t need Kylie Jenner or...

# Dos & Don'ts

Social Media

Today, there are hardly any posts on social media that don’t carry a hashtag. And like a lot of content creators, you may be asking, are they even relevant anymore? Our answer is … #YES.  Hashtags were first used in 2007 when a web marketing specialist walked into Twitter’s offices with...