Connecting People with Your Brand

Here’s the thing about social media: Success involves so much more than simply having a Facebook account or a Twitter handle. Social media can be an efficient, cost-effective way to build brand awareness, engagement, community development, loyalty, and reputation – which ultimately help your bottom line and increase customer retention. But it only works if you’re using it effectively. And that’s where we can help.

Utilizing Social Media for Business Growth

Consumers are constantly using social media to make buying decisions. Influencers, brand ambassadors, reviews, referrals – these all impact where, when, how and why someone makes a purchase. If you’re not in the conversation, you’re leaving a huge opening for your competitor to be the hero. Luckily, our Social team knows how to connect you with your audiences, starting with these three social media must-haves:

  • Editorial Planning

With social media, it’s all about presenting the right content at a relevant time and on a relevant platform. So in order to help you increase presence and engagement within your social channels, we create visually appealing social media content that educates, entertains, engages and resonates with your target audience. We adapt to trending opportunities and we cater content creation uniquely to each social platform to ensure you’re meeting the people where they are. All the while, we home in on KPIs that are meaningful to you, like engagement and reach.

  • Affiliate/Influencer Marketing

We can help you identify paid and earned social influencers (micro-, macro- or mega-influencers) who will appropriately represent your brand and influence your target audience. But finding the right influencers is only half the battle. The other is providing them with the right materials that ultimately help them help you. For that purpose, we serve as your influencer liaison to ensure follow-through.

  • Social Selling & Employee Engagement

Social selling is an effective way to leverage the social media presence and network of the employees, managers and sales reps within your business or organization. It’s a way to provide consistent, relevant content that can increase your brand impact in a fragmented world of social and help them find, connect with, and nurture sales prospects. Whether it’s your board, company leadership or your employees, we provide them with what they need in order to be advocates on social media. By creating content that can be shared with a few clicks, and offering proper training, we can help these spokespeople reach your audience in an authentic way.

Key Deliverables

With the data we gather, and the valuable insights we reveal, we are able to provide you with:

  • Editorial Planning and Content Creation
  • Platform Management
  • Social Monitoring and Engagement
  • Affiliate/Influencer Marketing
  • Boosting and Promoting Organic Content
  • Social Selling
  • Brand Ambassadors and Advocacy
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Social Platform Training
  • Review Strategies and Referrals
  • Reporting Insights and Analytics
  • Social Listening

Our Social Process

Identify the Opportunity

Our Social team begins with getting a better understanding of your business challenges, as well as current trending opportunities. Whether you’re looking for more brand engagement and awareness, more reviews, referrals and ratings, or an increase in followers or sales, we start with your overall business goals.

Establish the Approach

Once we know what your goals are, we build a social media strategy designed specifically for you. In addition to establishing content that is both specific to your brand and unique to your market and social media ecosystem – whether that be content we create or existing content we reuse and repurpose – we work with you to establish social tactics (social selling, brand advocacies, etc.) that will generate the most results.

Execute a Social Strategy

With social tactics identified, we work together with you and our many departments to make sure we’re utilizing everyone’s expertise. Our Creative, Public Relations, and Paid Media departments all play a role in reaching your audience with appealing and relevant content.

Report & Optimize

The conversation is constantly changing on social media. And we’re nothing if not agile. So, from reviewing to reporting to sharing metrics, we’re always looking for actionable insights, ready to pivot strategy at any point in time. If changes need to be made to keep your social plan effective, we’re ready to act fast.

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