How to Handle Blog Hogs

March 1st, 2010

Your blog is finally becoming established and you’ve started to notice that one individual is making comments fairly regularly. Perhaps you’ve scored your first fan.  But how engaged is this contributor if the main purpose of these frequent comments on your blog is really a thinly disguised opportunity to site that individual’s own blog.  That contributor is what I refer to as a Blog Hog.  They don’t really care about what you said – they want your readers to read what they’ve said.

So what do you do about a Blog Hog?  Well if the blogs compete directly for commercial dollars that’s a battle in the making.  But if they’re both informational blogs hoping to help folks in general – oh well.  If you feel that it somehow compromises your content you can always contact the other blogger and ask them to back off.  Or maybe you should just hawk your own blog in comments on theirs.  Either way you should feel flattered that someone thinks your blog is the way to help them capture readers of their own.