iPad App Design & Development

Visionlearning, an organization dedicated to the continued education of high school and undergraduate students in science fields, partnered with Bozell to bring their content library to the Apple iPad.

Targeted to both students and educators, these materials make available peer-reviewed, bilingual content that not only explores specific science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) concepts, but examines how we have come to understand them, the people who have contributed to our understanding, and the ongoing research that builds our scientific knowledge.

In conjunction with the Visionlearning team, we designed and produced an app that provides access to this extensive content library. We developed a user interface that was simple to use, intuitive and visually stimulating to communicate the scientific content. It pulls content directly from a database to stay in sync with the latest educational content, while eliminating the need for ongoing programming time to update the app. It was developed to enable Visionlearning to easily add additional educational modules for more advanced learning.

The app also offers an in-app purchase that allows the entire content library, including images and audio, to be accessed when the iPad does not have an internet connection.

Offering a variety of ways to navigate and access content, the app takes into consideration special needs. An additional typeset designed for dyslectic users is included and available via the app’s settings.

While this app is targeted to a fairly narrow audience niche, in the first 30 days after launch the application had nearly 550 downloads with little to no promotion.

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