Open Road Omaha

H&H Automotive: Open Road

H&H Automotive wanted to create an online presence to sell used cars – the main selling point being that a customer could purchase a certified used vehicle by doing everything online, and they could either pick it up locally or have it delivered. It would be fast, easy and unique to the Omaha marketplace.

So, to start, we came up with a name, wrote a tagline and created a logo. Next, to reach our target audience (millennials), we produced three :30 spots that ran primarily online. We went with a concept that was comical and told quick-paced, fast-cut stories of people whose cars broke down.

In our first spot, “Randy,” we pointed out some of the negatives associated with shopping on third-party sites like Craigslist.

Open Road Omaha “Randy” :30 Spot

In our second spot, “Twins,” we highlighted the fact that you can have your car delivered OR pick up locally, based on your preference.

Open Road Omaha “Twinning” :30 Spot

And the third, “Pizza,” simply focused on the fact that you can do everything online – fast, easy, boom.

In order to reach our demographic, we ran these spots primarily online, including Hulu, Youtube pre-roll and Pandora. We also ran audio versions of “Twins” and “Pizza” on Pandora and Spotify. Within the first week of the media plan, we had thousands of unique visitors check out OpenRoadOmaha.com, proving we not only created a concept that appealed to our audience, but we also conveyed a message that resonated with them and generated action.

Open Road Omaha “Pizza” :30 Spot