H&H Kia K900

Kia launched a high-end, $65,000 luxury vehicle to compete against entrenched players like BMW, Mercedes and Audi. But given that people don’t connect the Kia brand to luxury cars, we knew the market for the product was a small niche of people with a specific kind of mindset. Our goal was to generate qualified leads.

Our strategy focused on using highly targeted digital advertising –within a 50-mile radius of Omaha – inviting qualified prospects to apply for a Dine and Drive event. Participants could take the K900 for 24 hours, and they were also treated to dinner for two at Le Voltaire – a local high-end French restaurant.

A landing page included an application form that people could fill out so a Kia K900 specialist could qualify them.

Our campaign achieved an amazing 1.38 percent click-through-rate, exceeding industry standards by a large margin. Our conversion rate was an impressive 2.23 percent and our cost-per-qualified-lead was half what we anticipated.