Bozell – Animation and Motion Graphics Studio

NebraskaLand Bank – Next

NebraskaLand Bank is a locally owned bank committed to serving customers with personalized service and competitive prices. As they were looking to celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2023, the year presented a questionable economic environment. While other larger and older financial institutions leaned into their tenure, NebraskaLand Bank wanted to encourage and reassure their communities that they would be there, for whatever was next.


Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium – One Price, Unlimited Zoo

As part of the annual membership campaign, Bozell worked with the Zoo to emphasize the membership benefit of being able to visit the Zoo as often as you would like throughout the year. Coming off the pandemic, we wanted to ensure we had a more retail-driven feel to help drive attendance. We utilized still photography but generated fast-paced, dynamic motion to translate the energy of the Zoo into the video. The repetition of the animals in the kaleidoscope technique visually translated unlimited visits.

First National Bank of Omaha – Paymaker

Using a video to help simplify information is one of our specialties – proven true by this First National Bank of Omaha Paymaker video. Working hand-in-hand with the creative team, our animator brought to life the pages of client-approved storyboards, worked through hundreds of keyframes and unique motion graphics, and ultimately developed a two-minute video that easily explains the product and keeps the viewer entertained. All within a tight timeline, too.


Omaha Public Power District – Net Metering

As more and more customers were beginning to generate solar power, OPPD needed a quick and simplified solution for explaining their net metering process and how that would affect the customer’s monthly bill. Our creative team shaped the story and designed each frame, and our animator brought it to life.


Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium – Ghouls & Glow Event 

As a non-profit, Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium relies heavily on the turnout of its annual events. For its 2020 Halloween event, Ghouls & Glow, our animation team worked off of design elements developed by our creative team, resulting in a delightfully charming video that perfectly captured the essence of the event and helped encourage many visitors to attend.


First National Bank of Omaha – Rebuild the Heartland

The “Rebuild the Heartland Community Fund” was created by First National Bank of Omaha, in partnership with the Nebraska Community Foundation, to help the long-term revitalization of the communities affected by the flooding in 2019. To spread the word, we created a 30-second public service announcement video made up of scenes from across the Heartland that showed why the funds were truly needed. To bring those stills to life, we used an animation technique called 2.5D (halfway between 2D and 3D), which gave the images the illusion of being footage, adding depth and movement to the overall video.


Bozell – Summer Internship Program 

Every year, we have a summer internship program, and every year we like to add a fun theme that shows off our personality. Most recently, we likened the program to a road trip juiced up with plenty of driving metaphors, as well as a few nods to Bozell icons – like our two co-founders, Leo Bozell and Morris Jacobs, as bobbleheads. All illustrations and animation were produced in-house.


Sioux Honey Association Co-op – Honey is Honey

When it comes to social content, short and sweet can be a great solution – like this Honey is Honey video we created for the Sioux Honey Association Co-op. With simple animation front and center, as well as a :15 restriction, this video was quick and easy to develop. But, of course, still fun to make and it gets the job done.