2018 Issue 2


No Cash. No Card. New Problems.

Digital, Innovation

The advent of new ways to pay is ushering in a lot of changes in the wide world of FinTech. Apple Pay and Google Pay plus Venmo – oh my! People have lost their patience for waiting in line to make a transaction or conducting business over snail mail. They expect to be able to access their money...

What is FinTech?

Digital, Innovation

Starting with the Basics “FinTech,” the portmanteau of financial technology, is often used as short hand for new participants providing internet-based, application-oriented financial services. However, focusing only on start-ups ignores that legacy financial institutions are dramatically...

The New Consumer

Customer Focus, Digital, Innovation

How FinTech has Changed Marketing as a Whole Here’s the thing about the financial industry: it hasn’t really been disrupted. Ever. Aside from allowing you to do simple online banking tasks. And now, tech companies are creating services and products for a fast-paced audience that appreciates...

Blockchain ... That's That Bitcoin Thing, Right?

Digital, Innovation, Insights

With the recent explosion and fall of Bitcoin’s price, marketing agencies have been eager to know how they can take advantage of the cryptocurrency trend. Some are turning to blockchain technology for answers. Blockchain’s main implementation is a method for tracking all cryptocurrency...

Commerce, She is a Changin'

Customer Focus, Digital

An overview of the many different commerce solutions available. As many technologies enter commerce as digital payment methods, payment companies are attempting to reach a very diverse userbase. Aside from the credit cards that most people are familiar with, we’re now seeing Apple Pay, Google...

FinTech in Action 3,000 Miles Away

Customer Focus, Digital, Disruption, Innovation

A firsthand experience of the convenience that comes with Apple Pay. I recently vacationed in Iceland and spent just 4000 krona (or about $40 US) in cash. The least amount of cash I’ve ever spent on any vacation in my life. Of course, I spent a lot more money than that, but Iceland is pretty...

Trust Now. Convenience Later.

Customer Focus, Digital

3 Tips on How to Instantly Improve Your Commerce User Experience. Here’s the truth. Online and mobile commerce systems are not perfect and have a long way to go, so there will be days when customers don’t have a great experience and convenience isn’t the most important thing. But that...