No Cash. No Card. New Problems.

August 9th, 2018

The advent of new ways to pay is ushering in a lot of changes in the wide world of FinTech. Apple Pay and Google Pay plus Venmo – oh my! People have lost their patience for waiting in line to make a transaction or conducting business over snail mail. They expect to be able to access their money from anywhere in the world using their almighty smartphone.
The name of the game is now simple, easy, quick.

This shift in mindset affects marketers, even if they don’t operate in the FinTech realm. In this issue of Thinking, get the scoop on FinTech’s effect on marketers, along with an overview of commerce solutions, a deep dive of Apple Pay, and our quick take on Blockchain. And finally, we’ll share some tips on how to update your website to meet the rising expectations. So you can make that money madness just a little more manageable.

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