2017 Issue 4


Let's Connect the Emotional Dots.

Customer Focus

Look, it’s no secret. Emotions are behind almost every decision we make in life. And that’s precisely why tapping into emotions with your marketing and advertising is so important for the success of your brand. Think about some of your favorite ads or marketing campaigns you’ve seen over...

Where have all the "Whys" gone?

Advertising, Brand Management, Customer Focus

How emotion differentiates an announcement from an ad. Why do we need to concern ourselves with an emotional element in advertising? Aren’t the facts – the truth – persuasive enough? If you’re honest with yourself, when’s the last time you bought anything purely – purely – based on...

Customer Relationships 101

Customer Focus, Insights, Social Media

How Motivational Emotions Create a Recipe for Social Success. As Apu Gupta, CEO & Co-Founder at Curalate put it, “The Holy Grail for a marketer is not a transactional relationship but an emotional relationship with the consumer.” As marketers, we know that emotions push us to act in all...

The Power of Sharing Sweetness

Case Studies, Customer Focus

This summer, from July through September, in a food truck filled with a couple thousand pounds of honey, we conducted a sampling tour from the Midwest to the West Coast for the Sioux Honey Association Co-op. Many consumer package goods companies travel around the country with sampling road shows...

The Propaganda and The Nudge

Advertising, Customer Focus, Public Relations

Why propaganda makes us so angry. I’ve identified several factors to be considered as to why something as old school as propaganda remains relevant. Part of it can be blamed on the speed of our lives and part on the anonymity of social media. But an important part likely is human psychology,...

Right vs. Wrong

Customer Focus, Insights, Marketing Research

How to Avoid the Right Answers to the Wrong Questions The internationally acclaimed venture capitalist, businessman, philanthropist, songwriter and musician, Bono, once famously lamented, “We thought we had the answers, it was the questions we had wrong!” Every business strives to decode...