2016 Issue 1


"That good ol' boob tube."

Advertising, Insights, Media Planning & Buying

Once upon a time that phrase conjured up a universal image of that box in your living room where you watched your favorite shows on a specific day at a specific time. We spent hours in front of that box. We shared our excitement over the latest Tuesday night episode of that great show the next day...

TVs, They Are A Changin'

Digital, Media Planning & Buying

Watching TV used to be so simple. First there were just a handful of networks. Then broadcast TV gave way to cable. But even as the number of channels multiplied exponentially, it was all still easy to understand. And buying it as advertisers was fairly straightforward. You called your network or...

Follow the Measurement Road

Insights, Marketing ROI, Media Planning & Buying

We've got quite a ways to go to catch up with TV's evolution. Technology has dramatically altered the landscape of media for all time. We thought it was a big deal when network TV became broadcast vs. cable. That was nothing compared to the viewer fragmentation resulting from connected TV or...

Laser Focused

Advertising, Customer Focus, Digital

The Creative Embrace of Programmatic Programmatic Media, or simply programmatic, is heralded as a sea of change in how we will market, not just in the future, but now. Narrowly focused, programmatic refers to the automation of media buys and placements, and one could simply think of this as a...

Screen Surfing

Customer Focus, Insights, Media Planning & Buying

How Generations View TV Differently TV is currently the leader in traditional advertising – that’s no secret. But just what do consumers think is in store for television and TV advertising? Will TV remain the leader? Is it already losing ground? To try and gain a broader perspective on the...