2015 Issue 2


Great Expectations

Customer Focus, Insights, Strategy & Planning

Understanding the consumer’s mindset in order to generate brand loyalty. Consumers have evolved, and will continue to evolve. Target audiences are ever-changing, with relevance playing an increasingly more important role in communication. The Internet and mobile technology have become the norm...

Mobile or Die

Digital, Mobile Thinking

When Apple’s first iPhone was announced in what is a now a seemingly distant summer of 2007, we entered a new era of mobile computing. A 3.5-inch (large-for-its-time) screen let users access and experience content on their phones in an entirely novel way – touching it. A method of input so...

Back to Basics

Advertising, Customer Focus, Insights

The four fundamental rules of advertising – then and now. AMC’s “Mad Men” has come to a close, but our fasciation with the era – known as the Creative Revolution in advertising – remains. As a fan of the show, it’s easy to marvel at how antiquated some of the ideas and practices...

It's a Two-Way Street

Customer Focus, Insights, Strategy & Planning

When I first started in this business some 30 years ago, we spent a lot of time in upfront planning and strategy to understand consumer needs, wants and behavior, but once the campaign launched, it was pretty much ‘set it and forget it.’ The tools of that time were fewer and they were one way....