2013 Issue 3


Loyalty and Its Rewards


How to make a loyalty program work for your company. Loyalty programs have been in our marketing toolbox for many years. They are now commonplace among retailers, credit cards issuers, hotels and more. According to the most recent survey from Colliquy, the average household belongs to 18 loyalty...

The Online Video Invasion

Digital, Mobile Thinking, Social Media

How mobile videos are taking over the Internet and continuing to expand. It is the year 2013. You would have to be living under a rock to not know that online video is big, and only getting bigger. The average Internet user views more than 180 YouTube videos a month (totaling 17 percent of U.S....

For Those in Need (of Branding)

Brand Management

How nonprofits should approach their branding and marketing. Branding is as important for a nonprofit enterprise, and perhaps even more so, because nonprofits generally operate with extremely limited marketing budgets and must work harder to stand out. While you believe that your cause is so noble...

Data: Down and Dirty

Customer Focus, Insights, Smartargeting

Make the most of the mountains of data available to your company. As consumers not only share more of their lives across social channels, but also drive millions of daily purchases and engage in trackable activity, we’re able to look into our customers’ lives like never before. But data...

The Social Hunt

Social Media

Mutual of Omaha's epic journey toward building its social following. Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom celebrated its 50th anniversary in January 2013 and was revitalizing as Web-available episodes (webisodes) in the fall. While many already adore the brand from watching the show when they were...