2012 Issue 3


90 Days of Everyday Intern Heroes


What we accomplished during our summer internship at Bozell. This summer, we, the Bozell interns, worked with the Assistance League of Omaha. It is a local chapter of the national Assistance League and has been helping improve the lives of local people since 1972. The amazing team of volunteers is...

Location, Location, Location

Customer Focus, Digital

Location-based marketing is on the rise. With smartphone adoption and usage on the rise, the percentage of people using their phones to find local information is increasing dramatically. In fact, a recent study by Pew Research Center found that nearly three quarters of smartphone owners accessed...

I'm on Facebook, therefore I'm social?

Customer Focus, Social Media

Being on social media vs. being a social business. Being active in social media can be a good thing for your business, but it does not equate to a business being social. Honestly, it’s not even a prerequisite. In fact, there is currently a debate about what constitutes a “social” business,...

Pawing Away at the Competition

Customer Focus, Insights

An insider's perspective on the pet industry. Few industries experience recessionary growth. Alcohol and gambling always do well, but, during the current recession, we also see that pet care and product spending is steady. While pet owners may have scaled down spending during the recession, they...

The Problem Solving Problems

Insights, Marketing Research

Finding a solution that’s right rather than perfect. It is quite ironic that problem solving is such a problem in and of itself. Big or small, business or personal, not a day in our life passes when we are not presented with some sort of problem to solve. And no matter the type, there is one...