2011 Issue 2


Retooling WestlakeHardware.com

Brand Management, Digital

For more than 100 years, Westlake Ace Hardware has been the helpful neighborhood hardware store with locations throughout the Midwest. The largest Ace-affiliated family of hardware stores in the country turned to Bozell for a website redesign. STRATEGY Initial research for the project told us the...

Mobile engagement is on fire

Digital, Mobile Thinking

We live in a society that becomes more mobile with each passing day. The 20th century brought us the ability to physically move vast distances in shorter and shorter amounts of time. While the mobile revolution was born at the end of last century, it not only learned to crawl but sprint in the last...

Navigating the Marketing Job Market


Things are tough all over. The economy is taking its own sweet time rebounding, and certain key indicators are continuing to nosedive. Getting jobs in any industry, in any market, presents a challenge, and marketing job searches have some added barriers to success. The daunting challenge of finding...

Are !Specials! That !Special! Anymore?

Digital, Email Marketing

Discounts and sales certainly have their place in business and marketing strategies. Specials are a great way to introduce new clients to your product, a great way to get rid of old inventory, reward loyal customers, spur stagnant sales and countless other perfectly justifiable and smart business...

Marketing to the Beau Monde

Customer Focus, Marketing Research, Smartargeting

Ever wonder what it would be like to be in the top one percent of Americans in the United States? Or how the wealthiest Americans in the country earned their millions? The country’s fascination with the wealthy has been part of our society for, well, at least as long as I can remember. Just...