2010 Issue 1


Behavioral Targeting Reduces Waste

Customer Focus, Insights

Here’s a shocker: Advertising costs money. Sometimes it costs a lot of money. So when you and your company pay to market and advertise, you want results. You need results. You deserve results. Well today, with all the advances in technology, it’s getting easier and easier to increase your...

Turning Data into Action

Digital, Marketing Research, Smartargeting

Getting the most from Web analytics. So what? That’s exactly what to ask when you’re presented with a mountain of seemingly relevant and interesting data about your website. The next question should be: Why? If you’re not asking those questions, it’s possible that you are stuck in...

Changing Face of…
Well, Facebook

Digital, Social Media

June 13th. A day that will live in social media infamy. It’s the day Facebook announced they would allow vanity URLs to fan pages. It’s also the same day tens of thousands of companies flocked to the world’s number one social media site. From Fortune 500 companies to mom-and-pop shops,...


Advertising, Customer Focus

According to the New York Times, 
80% of people worldwide believe 
they have a book inside of them. From fiction to philosophy, WriteLife allows people to share their story. Traditionally, there are two main ways to get a book published: TRADITIONAL PUBLISHING: In traditional publishing, the...

Consumers are Driving Efficiency

Customer Focus, Insights

BUCKLE UP. Whether the recession is behind us or is still hanging on is up for debate. The financial uncertainty that began for most companies in the latter part of 2008 made “doing more with less” the mantra of most marketers in 2009. The silver lining in the recent economic downturn is that...