2009 Issue 4


The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of SEO via SMO

Digital, Search Engine Marketing

For years, search engine optimization has been a vitally important part of online marketing. After all, if potential customers can't find your company, they will never become customers. So with more than a trillion unique URLs available today, how do you best optimize your online presence with...

The Evolution of Media

Media Planning & Buying

Unless you've been living in a bomb shelter for the last 10 years, you know that the way people are consuming media now is completely different than it was 5 or 10 years ago. Consumers can now select the content and media channels they most prefer using devices across numerous technology platforms...

Changing and Challenging Nature of Fundraising

Mobile Thinking

The recession has taken its toll. In many ways. On all of us. But one sector has been hit with a double whammy: non-profits. They're faced with increased demand and decreased funding, all on top of a systemic change in the nature of fundraising. Hundreds of thousands of non-profits are now in...

The Power of “You”

Advertising, Brand Management, Customer Focus

When it comes to marketing, most health care organizations tend to talk mostly about themselves. “WE have the latest and greatest technology.” “WE have the best doctors and nurses.” The consumer is exactly what Alegent Health has built their entire approach to heath care around. As the...

Consumer Purchase Decisions

Customer Focus, Insights

Why do customers do what they do? What goes through someone's mind when they're thinking about a purchase? Why do people choose one product over another? These are all good questions. Customer and potential customer behavior is not an exact science. But we do know quite a bit about what makes them...