2009 Issue 2


Websites That Work


When examining what makes one website more functional than another, there are many factors to consider. While there's no magic formula for online success, good sites tend to share certain characteristics. Let’s briefly run through the qualities that make a good site great. We'll touch on design,...

From Data to Intelligence

Insights, Marketing Research

Like most companies, your organization probably has a massive amount of data. Maybe there’s a stack of reports that you review routinely. But does all that data provide the intelligence you need for decision making? Or are you drowning in a sea of data in a desert of insight? Some large...

Shifting the Model

Customer Focus

TURNING REACH & FREQUENCY INTO IMPACT & ENGAGEMENT So, what does it mean to turn reach and frequency into impact and engagement? With consumers now calling the shots, we the advertiser, need to convey our message in ways that are both impactful and engaging. The days of hoping the...


Advertising, Brand Management, Digital, Social Media

As the nation’s largest independent jewelry store and a Berkshire Hathaway company, Borsheims strives to provide exceptional value through its extensive selection, exemplary customer service and competitive pricing. Over the past 140 years, Borsheims has made gift giving even more special with...

Generation V

Customer Focus, Insights

Targeting specific populations is a common business practice. Whether divided by age, gender, race, geography, income, or education, there are countless ways to segment an audience. Recently, ethnographers, sociologists and cultural anthropologists have taken market segmentation a step further,...