July 10th, 2009

As the nation’s largest independent jewelry store and a Berkshire Hathaway company, Borsheims strives to provide exceptional value through its extensive selection, exemplary customer service and competitive pricing. Over the past 140 years, Borsheims has made gift giving even more special with its signature gift wrap and box. More recently, Borsheims is developing innovative ways to extend that unique experience.

2009 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting

More than 30,000 shareholders make the pilgrimage to Omaha for the annual Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholders meeting the first weekend in May. Not only can shareholders listen to Warren Buffet speak, but they have the opportunity to experience Berkshire Hathaway companies at a large tradeshow and at special parties. The Borsheims party has become one of the most popular events of the weekend with appearances by celebrities such as Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, and displays of unique items from their extensive collection. For the past two years, Borsheims has hosted a blog, borsheimsbrk.com, to communicate information about the event.

The Berkshire blog has allowed Borsheims to extend their brand beyond Omaha and the Berkshire Hathaway faithful. With more than 50 posts, six videos and 500+ high-resolution photos during the event, the site was accessed in 55 countries. The blog has proved to be a valuable communications channel and source of feedback. It allows questions to be answered in a quick and in-depth way, and is a very effective outlet to promote some of the special merchandise and discounts available.

Borsheims Presents Diamond Days

In addition to blogging, Borhseims has been reaching out to their audience in other unique ways. The Men’s College World Series (CWS) has attracted fans from all over the country for more than 50 years. Each summer, thousands travel to Omaha, the Mecca of college baseball. Many fans were drawn to a tent resembling the signature Borsheims box, silver with a burgundy bow, which was placed in the midst of vendors, beer tents and fan activities near Rosenblatt Stadium during the two to three week period around the CWS. Large signage surrounded the tent promoting “Diamond Days” pricing on diamond stud earrings. At the tent, people filled out entry forms to win a diamond necklace or a collectible watch, which helped obtain leads for potential new customers. Marketing and sales associates were present to talk to customers about the promotion and hand out catalogs to promote additional Borsheims products. By celebrating diamonds at the diamond, this successful campaign broke through the clutter and increased Borsheims sales.

Borsheims has a long-standing tradition and history in the Omaha marketplace. By reaching out and relating to their current and prospective customers, Borsheims silver box with a burgundy bow will continue to add magic to gift giving for years to come.

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